Doing Good And Doing Well in 2015!

I am honored and pleased to have the opportunity to welcome in the new year of 2015. This new year affords us the chance to re-visit unattempted or perhaps unfinished goals, and to seek to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.

It is with great anticipation that I continue my journey of self-discovery and learning. Each day is replete with lessons to learn and experiences to relish, and I vow to make the most of all of these.

I challenge and encourage all of you to make note of those things you wish to achieve in this new year, and to have the courage and discipline to formulate a plan for making those dreams and goals realities in your lives. Understanding full well that a goal or a dream without a plan and a deadline is simply a wish. Do not be content to wish for things to be better, or to wish that you were better. Make it so.

I recently sat down and read from an old book in my personal library that dates from 1907 titled Thoughts That Inspire by George H. Knox. In that book was included a piece that was under the title of Ten Things To Do that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you are able to derive some wisdom from it.

Ten Things To Do

  • Do good to all.
  • Speak evil of none.
  • Hear and know the facts before judging.
  • Think before speaking.
  • Hold an angry tongue.
  • Be kind to the distressed.
  • Ask pardon for all wrongs.
  • Be patient toward everybody.
  • Stop the ears to a tale-bearer.
  • Disbelieve most of the ill reports concerning friends, neighbors, and people in general.


  • Submitted By: Andrew Ortiz, JD, MPA – President & CEO, Ortiz Leadership Systems, LLC.

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