Companies & Professional Associations

Ortiz Leadership Systems is a one-stop shop for value-added management consulting for professional and trade associations as well as for-profit companies and corporations. Andrew Ortiz has been recognized for his business leadership and acumen by publications such as the Phoenix Business Journal and Hispanic Business Magazine. He has been featured as a national leader of great intellect and capacity by Association Management magazine and Association Trends, and was recently selected as one of Arizona’s Hispanic “40 Under 40” Award recipients by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Univision Radio and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

Andrew Ortiz is a national Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) Scholar with the American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership, and is a Vice President with the Arizona Society of Association Executives, where he is leading the Associations Impacting Arizona Initiative.

Ortiz Leadership Systems can provide leadership trainings and other personal development offerings for businesses, corporations and professional associations across the country and around the world. Andrew Ortiz, our President and CEO, is also an in-demand speaker for statewide societies of association executives, chambers of commerce, civic and trade organizations. Allow us the privilege to serve your company, corporation or association in the near future.


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