Foundations & Philanthropies

Ortiz Leadership Systems is here to serve the needs of private, corporate and community foundations. We can consult on corporate governance matters, or help to address organizational effectiveness issues within the broader field of philanthropy. Andrew Ortiz, our President and CEO, has worked extensively with grant seekers as well as grant makers, in preparing and evaluating philanthropic programs. Ortiz has worked on projects with some of the largest and most prominent foundations in the nation, including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Arthur M. Blank Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Andrew Ortiz is a frequent speaker and presenter to foundation and philanthropy conferences across the United States on program effectiveness and accountability. He is a noted scholar and thinker on nonprofit and foundation effectiveness and performance. His compelling ideas and innovative thinking have been hailed by philanthropic organizations that are changing communities everywhere.

Allow Ortiz Leadership Systems to bring its renowned expertise in the foundation and philanthropic world to your organization as it seeks to navigate this vital sector, or to simply improve the operations of your foundation’s philanthropic work and community engagement.


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