Event Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)

A professional Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) can make your event far more memorable. A professional can add a significant measure of entertainment value, class and dignity to any affair. They keep your audience engaged and provide rousing introductions of speakers and guests. They bridge between program or agenda items to keep things moving.

Our Company’s President & CEO, Andrew Ortiz, would love to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for your next corporate event, awards luncheon/dinner or fundraiser. Andrew is a brilliant communicator, and his wit and personable manner make him a sought after speaker and participant in corporate and other special events across the United States and internationally. Andrew has been a distinguished member of America’s premier communications and public speaking honorary, the International Platform Association, and would be a great addition to your next event.

Andrew is a valuable resource of information to assist you in planning your event agenda. As a professional speaker, he comes prepared with a range of humorous and entertaining stories that will keep your audience engaged and prepared. Allow Andrew Ortiz to help you to make your next event shine.


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