Andrew Ortiz and General Frank SacktonLet Ortiz Leadership Systems handle all of your meeting facilitation needs. Our company takes great care in helping its clients to achieve their desired outcomes through a tailored process that skillfully navigates through obstacles and builds upon the strengths of the organization or company that we are working with.

Ortiz Leadership Systems always seeks to work closely with its clientele to prepare meticulously in advance of all facilitation efforts. We interview key stakeholders to seek guiding themes for the facilitation. We see the importance of working in advance to find areas of agreement and contention, and to identify working styles, and distinct agendas. This provides all parties with a better sense of what to expect.

Our tried-and-true protocol for facilitation efforts includes preparing objectives and a high-level agenda that we go over with the client and other key players, as necessary. We then expand the agenda to a detailed facilitator’s agenda that specifies time frames, techniques, exercises, and materials.

In addition to careful pre-planning, meeting process design and superb facilitation, Ortiz Leadership Systems brings years of senior level business, governmental, higher education, nonprofit and association management experience to every session that it facilitates. Participants leave our facilitation meetings with a high level of enthusiasm for the future and a clear roadmap on how to achieve the results that they desire.

Our company looks forward to becoming your partner for success in the future.

Here are examples of the type of meetings that we facilitate:

  • Board Governance Trainings
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Market Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Alliance/Coalition Planning
  • Community Organizing Workshops
  • Advocacy/Government Relations Training
  • Project Review
  • Process Improvement
  • Team-Building
  • Personal and Team Leadership
  • Product Development
  • Product Launch
  • Needs Assessment
  • Issues Resolution
  • Action Planning
  • Diversity/Cultural Competency
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Communications Audits

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