Corporate Spokesperson

Every company needs to clearly communicate their goals and objectives in order to distinguish themselves from the competition and positively impact the bottom line.

Allow Ortiz Leadership Systems to work with you to promote your company, organization, product, or service. Our President & CEO, Andrew Ortiz, can help your company or organization gain visibility in the market. Whether it’s television, radio, trade shows, training, webcasting, or videos, you can rely on Andrew Ortiz to get you the visibility you desire.

Andrew brings his charisma and energy to his relationships as a corporate spokesperson for organizations seeking the credibility and authority of a nationally and internationally renowned speaker, writer, and leader. Andrew works closely with outstanding companies, organizations, and associations that are committed to making our world a better place.

Andrew Ortiz is bilingual in English and Spanish and is available to work with Hispanic/Latino advertising, public relations, and media outlets. Andrew’s strong background in business and management is a definite asset to his clients.

Andrew Ortiz is available for the following Corporate Spokesperson work:

  • TV Media Tours
  • National and Local Television and Radio Appearances
  • Interviews with Business Periodicals and Publications
  • Commercial Endorsements
  • Personal Appearances
  • Lecture Series Speeches
  • Voice Overs
  • Videos

Andrew Ortiz is ready, willing and able to become your powerful and trusted voice to a broad audience of diverse new customers, supporters and constituents. Let him make a difference for your organization or company today.


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