Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp. Learn more about Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership at www.hoby.org...Andrew Ortiz is a 1985 graduate of my youth development program, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), which seeks out, recognizes and develops leadership potential in high school 10th graders. Andy was selected by his school in Tempe, Arizona, as its key leader with strong potential. Since then, Andy has served with distinction on the HOBY International Board of Trustees, and in 2007, received the HOBY Alumni Achievement Award in Beverly Hills, California.

Andy is a successful businessman and is recognized as a dynamic speaker and a much sought-after trainer, coach and consultant by companies, organizations, governments and academic institutions worldwide. I recommend him to all, as he is an amazing leader.

Andy has fulfilled our dreams in many ways, and I am proud to call him a TRUE Ambassador of HOBY.

Hugh O’Brian
Actor and humanitarian who is famous for portraying the legendary Western law man, Wyatt Earp, in the 1950s.
In 1958, Hugh founded Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership. Please visit www.hoby.org.

Andy is one of the most impeccable leaders and speakers I know. He is passionate and caring about every aspect of his presentations. It has been a pleasure to know Andy and interact in his presentations.

Dortha Hise
Pretty Smart Virtual Services

You are in luck when you get Mr. Ortiz as your instructor. Not only do you learn about politics, leadership and how the world works, but you also have a fun time. He starts each class with a discussion about the latest news happenings and how it pertains to the course. The in-class discussion gives you a real world perspective on the subject but also gives you an opportunity to hear from other students on how they think and their multitude of opinions on any given subject. That in itself is a learning experience!

He is open to all perspectives, lifestyles and opinions. You have a fun time learning in a no pressure and non-boring environment. He puts a lot of effort to make the course relate to a real world perspective so that you can apply your learning immediately in your job or your life.

At the end of the semester you feel empowered and ready to lead. He makes such an impact in our lives that we end up “liking” him on Facebook and keeping in touch. He is accessible, resourceful and always willing to help! His class will be a learning experience that you never forget.

David Lucero

Andy Ortiz is a brilliant speaker and motivator. His integrity reflects his great leadership and would be an incredible asset to any company.

Shelley Werk
Freelance Writer – Las Vegas, NV

I have known Andy for some time now. I have found him to be a positive, captivating speaker, a warm person, honest, and a man of integrity. He leads by example and with a kindness and encouragement which inspires others to follow his lead. He is down-to-earth and “real.” I feel he has the qualities that are so important in being a leader and a speaker. His soft-spoken yet strong ways in which he presents the topics make it easy to listen and grasp whatever topic he is speaking on. It is obvious he is very passionate about what he does which makes him exceptional in leadership, speaking, and in the business world.

Debbie Morano

Andy is a very hard-working individual. He puts 100% into achieving his targets and has a keen interest to develop himself and others professionally and personally.

Franziska Ruehl
Project Manager – Academic Relations Germany
ETS Global – Berlin, Germany

[Andy] you are a great leader and provide great strategies for leadership in the community for progressive leaders in Arizona.

Allie Russell
Center for Progressive Leadership – Arizona Program

I have had the good fortune of knowing Andy since our high school days. He is an articulate and dynamic speaker. He conveys a positive outlook in his presentations, as well as all of his communications with others. This positive approach is contagious and leaves the audience with a sense of limitless possibility.

Keith Olbricht, Esq.

I have known Andy for many years. I worked with him when I was much younger. He’s always been an outstanding person with great morals. I had a feeling that Andy would be successful. I asked him one day what he wanted to do when he was older. He said get into politics. I said you can’t be a politician because you’re too honest. I’ll always remember his answer…”We can use more honest ones.” I feel better knowing there are people like Andy out there.

Al Keeme, Jr.

You do make a difference…in the best of ways.

Zetta Satterwhite Browning
Assistant Pastor
SonRise Faith Community Center

What a delight to see you last night at the Latino Perspectives event/celebration! I took the time to look over your website and must say that I continue to be impressed by you and all that you do just as I was during our college years ASU when you represented us so well in ASASU. You have a wonderful thing going and it is quite encouraging to see individuals like yourself making such a mark in our community, both local and global. Keep up the wonderful work and know that while we may not always witness first-hand the fruit of our labor we maintain the faith that it is evident elsewhere!

Jose Mendoza
Brophy College Preparatory Academy – Phoenix, AZ

Your Keynote was incredibly inspirational and was the perfect beginning to express our sincere appreciation at the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) – Housing Counselors Breakfast event held September 29, 2010. Our counselors and guests were repeating what you said and were feeling Enthusiastic! “Delightful,” “Inspired,” “Enthralling,” and “Wonderful” were some of the expressions used by our audience. Your energy is remarkable and could not help but make an impact, your humor was engaging, and the techniques you imparted all contributed to the remarkable success of your presentation. You captivated and motivated us to continue to work hard in helping families who might be facing foreclosure.

Just as important, you’ve expressed sincere thoughtfulness to stop and take care of ourselves and enjoy time with family. Thank you so much for one of the best lessons in personal sensibility we’ll ever have. The insight you passed on to our counselors and guests was invaluable! For any company seeking to find an engaging speaker, Andrew is a man of high integrity and skilled. I highly recommend Andrew Ortiz to be your next Keynote speaker.

Sylvia Waynick
Project Manager
Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force

Andrew Ortiz is a professional that I met some years ago while working as a Grant Officer for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded project in Chicago. I’ve always been impressed first by Andrew’s ability to articulate his ideas to any audience with great clarity. Secondly, Andrew has a skill at retaining details and sharing information that is appropriate. Most important, Andrew is kind and loyal to his work and that will get my vote in favor of him working on any project and/or initiative that will advance the cause of an organization.

Sam Becknel
President & CEO
Strategy Group Consulting – Atlanta, GA

I am a member of Tempe Rotary and was fortunate to attend the meeting on November 23, 2010 at which Andrew Ortiz presented on the subject of leadership, whether in business or in organizations such as Rotary. Andrew is an exceptional speaker and motivator. He has a keen understanding of organizational development and the importance of leadership roles. I highly recommend Andrew as a speaker or trainer to any business or social organization.

Louis A. Silverman
Tempe Rotary Club – Tempe, AZ

I was given the pleasure to work with Andrew and his team shortly after the new downtown campus opened at Arizona State University. Throughout our business relationship Andrew showcased true leadership, professionalism, admiration, and ambition. His knack for making things happen was by far bar none and I knew that his goals would surpass the immediate. Looking back on the past 5 years I have to say I am proud. I am so proud to say that I knew you “THEN” and look at you “NOW.” Andrew is an overachiever and exceeds at anything he puts his mind to. I highly recommend him for any speaking engagement or leadership role. You will be so glad you did.

Michaela Raner
Director of Sales & Marketing
Mack & Jack’s Marketing Solutions

Marilu sent a note about the “Living the Dream” award you just received. What a wonderful acknowledgement of your contributions and service. I have observed you at DELP reunions (particularly the first charitable outreach in Detroit at the home for boys) and witnessed first-hand how effective and giving you are. Well deserved!

All my best and Happy New Year!

Susan Robertson, CAE
Executive Vice President, ASAE President
The ASAE Foundation – Washington, DC

I have had the opportunity to learn from Professor Ortiz while obtaining my Leadership and Ethics certificate at ASU. He is an inspiring teacher, public speaker, and leader. I learn more from one of his classes than I have in entire semesters elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

Emily McKay

You are an inspiration and example regarding service to community.

Zohreh Piurek

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. The content and message of your presentation was very on point for our outreach event which was to celebrate Hispanic excellence and grow leadership within our local communities. Your friendly, approachable style and willingness to take time to speak to individuals before and after the presentation engaged our attendees in such a way that they took to heart your inspiring message as evidenced by the positive feedback we received. Thanks so much!

Jane Hersh
Director, Learning Center
Advisory Committee Chairperson for Diversity & Inclusion
Yavapai College – Prescott Campus

I have known and admired Andy Ortiz for years. He is selfless in his attention to and devotion to the community. We are in the same business–helping organizations to attract, support and retain great leaders–and I would recommend him to anyone anytime!

Denise Meridith
Denise Meridith Consultants – Phoenix, Arizona

I have known Andy for many years and have watched as he has continued to dedicate himself to helping others be the best they can be. His list of accomplishments is lengthy, but what sets him apart is his “true” devotion to all he does.

Julie Iacobelli
Senior Consultant
The Phoenix Philanthropy Group

I have had the privilege of knowing Andy Ortiz personally and professionally for a number of years and have found him to be kind, professional, articulate, and inspiring. I heartily endorse him and the services he provides.

Carolyn Sechler, CPA

I have known Andy since 1985 where we met while attending Tempe High School. I always admired his ability to be a motivational leader and speaker. It truly comes naturally to him.

Mary Halsey
Avon Team Leader

I have worked with Andy as a colleague through the Arizona Society of Association of Executives. He has a solid knowledge of all things non-profit related. He excels at seeing what is possible and helping organizations make that vision a reality.

Carol Stambaugh
Tech Tools, LLC

I’ve known Andy since we were in 7th grade. He displayed leadership skills even at this young age. He was President of Student Council and was an excellent orator. He was on student council through high school. He was well-known by all of his classmates and we knew that Andy would grow up and be someone great.

Tia Byrd

As a fellowship participant in The Center for Progressive Learning in the AZ Political Leaders Fellowship, I had the opportunity to meet and be coached by Andy Ortiz. I was amazed at Andy’s talent for helping me to think “outside-of-the box”. Through his effective leadership skills and speaking abilities, he gave me the confidence to succeed! He truly listened to what I had to say, critiquing and validating what I believed in. It is through his mentorship, that I feel I have the confidence to accept any challenges and opportunities that will come my way in the future. Thank you Andy!

Jean Moriki

Andrew is an amazing coach and mentor not because he teaches the right things, but because he learns the right things. He takes the time to understand the characteristics, habits, and work ethic of the individual or the organization, and then uses his skills to enhance and build upon those traits to ensure their goals are realized. And on top of this, he is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

The Honorable Chad Campbell
Minority Leader
Arizona House of Representatives

Andy’s success as a transformational leader is predicated on his ambition, first and foremost for his clients and students, not himself. This is evident as Andy and I have been friends and professional colleagues for almost 25 years.

Abeden Fimbres, MPA
Director of Community Relations
Isaac School District

No one that listens to Andy Ortiz speak can fail to hear the passion in his voice and be inspired. As the Executive Director of the Arizona Community Action Association, Andy is used to being a voice, and a leader, for the people in need of civil rights support and action. Andy is successful, dedicated and committed. All of these qualities combined make Andy a great leader, speaker and inspirational coach.

Sharon Emery
London, England

Andy was a great leader – mover and shaker – at ASU while I was an involved student. He was an inclusive leader, kind and reached out to many different segments of ASU, representing students and helping to build community. His excellent leadership skills were honored by the judges of the Homecoming court – an honor bestowed upon leader scholars who also served their communities. Andy was a great role model then, and continues to make a difference in the world.

Dora Tompkins

Andy Ortiz is a community and management consulting leader, a world-class speaker and trainer, as well as one of the most genuine and truly inspirational people I have met in recent years. Andy’s educational background and professional accomplishments are highly impressive, as is his innovative approach to achieving real-world business solutions for his clients. Andy is well-known for his dedication and contributions to helping Arizona’s small businesses and nonprofits thrive. I highly recommend Andy Ortiz and Ortiz Leadership Systems.

Barbara A. Daniels
Certified Social Media Consultant and Director of Marketing & Communications
Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)

Andy is a very personable leader. He is very talented and has a way of motivating an individual to get involved.

His leadership style is open and inviting.

Sharlene R. Bozack
Chief Government Relations Officer
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Andrew Ortiz grasps that leadership truly is the ability to translate vision into reality. His life and career path is underscored by the attributes he teaches: Integrity, character, courage, respect, and skillful actions that defeat challenges. He grasps that without these qualities there can be no true success.

Ruben Hernandez
Career Journalist & Arts Advocate
Founding Board Member of the Arizona Latino Arts & Culture Consortium
and Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center in downtown Phoenix

Andrew Ortiz’s presentation at the Make-a-Difference conference provided an opportunity to get insight from the minds of many great community leaders on just that topic — how to make a difference. Although many people theoretically would like to get more involved in their community, there seem to exist small boundaries that prevent the average person from doing so. This seminar offered an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas as to what our responsibility as leaders is to help others break down these barriers.

Aaron Blocher-Rubin, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Grupo de Apoyo para Latinos con Autismo (GALA)

You are an excellent speaker…and a great guy!

Pat J. Bosco, PhD
Vice President for Student Life
Kansas State University

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your guidance and support in trudging through the strategic planning process with our Chapter’s Government Relations Committee. It was painless and fun! You worked so well with our group and we all appreciate you!

I am especially grateful for your mentorship. I am truly honored to know you and constantly in awe of your knowledge and the way in which you present/speak to groups. I’m so pleased we could collaborate, post-CPL!

Siobhan McCurdy
Education & Advocacy Coordinator
National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Arizona Chapter

Thank you so much for speaking at the NHS Induction Ceremony! We really appreciated your inspiring words and time. You are a true role model for all of us. Thanks again!

The Corona del Sol High School National Honor Society
Tempe, AZ

I consider myself fortunate to have met Andy Ortiz early on in my non-profit career. Andy helped me fully understand the roles of my board, my staff, and my members. My background is in small business, and Andy helped me learn how to play on my strengths as I learned effective non-profit leadership skills. I know that LFA would not be where it is today without the kind of solid foundation that Andy teaches.

Kimber Lanning
Local First Arizona

Andrew Ortiz is an effective leader because he takes time to develop those around him through a personalized, patient coaching style. He continually draws on his seemingly boundless energy to inspire others.

Andrew and I became acquainted through student government at Arizona State University. We had our first one-on-one encounter when he offered to give me a ride to a political forum for students at the state capitol. Through Andrew, I began to see the many ways in which students and young adults can positively impact local, state and national policies. A few weeks later, Andrew invited me and several other student leaders to attend a leadership conference featuring Margaret Thatcher, Lou Holtz, and Colin Powell that was a life-changing event for me. Later that year, when I decided to run for the office of student body president (which Andy occupied at the time), he patiently answered my many questions and provided several suggestions and ideas that helped me win the election. Without Andrew’s leadership, I may not have had many of these great experiences.

I owe much to Andrew for his willingness to open doors to me that I may not have discovered on my own.

Paul Frost
Commercial Portfolio Manager
BB&T, Import-Export Bank of the US

Andrew is a capable leader with a long history in leadership roles in the community. I am a community organizer and local political activist. Andrew has been a guide and mentor through some of the most difficult times in my community activism. He has taught me to develop myself as a leader, and how to empower those I work with and develop their leadership potential to build true capacity. Andrew’s experience and mentorship is the backbone of my community work.

Jimmie Munoz
Board Member
Roosevelt School District, Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew Ortiz is focused and driven to accomplish the goals at hand. He is well-versed regarding community resources and has valued relationships within the community, which further strengthen his abilities as a leader. Andrew has worked proficiently to identify other volunteers that share the same passion for aiding youth transitioning to adulthood. This level of networking provides a strong foundation to meeting the deliverables identified.

Natalie Randolph
Program Director
Arizona’s Children Association

Andy is a proven activist who puts him time and effort into improving his community. I’ve known him for years, and he’s always been involved.

Jim Waring
Arizona State Senator

As a college freshman, Andrew Ortiz played a big role in getting me involved as a student leader and active member of my community. He is professional, a dynamic speaker, and a successful motivator. Now, 10 years later as a college administrator, I very much support Andrew and the positive changes he continues to inspire in others.

Jason Borges
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Champlain College, Burlington, VT

The best quality about Andy Ortiz is his dedication, which is clearly shown through the numerous awards, recognitions, and accomplishments he has achieved at his early age.

He took the time to listen, provide me with resources, and try to find solutions to my obstacles. To me that portrays real leadership, real concern for other people, and his desire to better our future by inspiring and mentoring others.

Lourdes Gonzalez
Deep Focus Digital Cinema

Andrew is a very talented and knowledgeable public speaker who not only engages his audience but entertains as well. With thorough knowledge of his subject matter, Andrew weaves stories, quotes, anecdotes, and humor into his presentations. His programs are always well-paced. If you are looking for a capable, professional, and dynamic speaker, Andrew is one person you would do well to hire for your next conference or workshop. He has my highest recommendation.

Joseph Ortiz
Public Information Officer
Roosevelt School District, Phoenix, Arizona

It has been my pleasure to serve with Andy Ortiz on the Board of the Arizona Society of Association Executives (AzSAE) and work with him on other projects. I have found his leadership skills to be exceptional. Andy leads with charm and efficiency, and is a great listener. He demonstrates responsibility in following up on project assignments and is an active problem-solver. He has a delightful sense of humor that makes him accessible and easy to work with.

Ken Strobeck
Executive Director
Arizona League of Cities and Towns

I have known Andy since 1998 whereupon he became president of ASASU (Associated Students of Arizona State University) and represented a student body of over 50,000 students. In this time that I have known Mr. Ortiz, he has been an exemplary leader, mentor, and public speaker. His commitment to excellence is clearly observed through his many public speaking appearances. I would recommend Ortiz Leadership Systems to assist any organization that can utilize their professional skills.

Tim Zarlingo
Zarlingo & Associates

I’ve known Andrew for more than 20 years, and few people have a more impressive track record of making a difference with individuals, organizations, and communities.

Gary Starikoff
XM Radio Holdings

I have known Andrew for the last eight years. In those eight years, I have seen Andrew grow into an incredible businessman and leader. I am honored to call him my colleague, friend, and mentor. I am aware from Andrew’s integrity, that he is committed, dedicated, and hard-working. I understand why we are both part of the Forty Under 40 awards with the Phoenix Business Journal. They choose highly-regarded, passionate people who really truly desire to be the change they want to see in the world. Thank you, Andrew, for allowing me to know you and to have the kind of mutual respect that leaders need to have for one another.

Amy Rocker
Disability Inclusion Specialist & Walden MPA Student

During these difficult economic times we need strong leaders more than ever. I have known Andy Ortiz for many years, and I have seen first-hand what an incredibly effective and responsible leader he is and how he is able to instill those same leadership qualities in others.

David Lujan
Arizona State Senate Minority Leader

Andrew F. Ortiz exemplifies leadership. I first met him in the early 1990s when he was an undergraduate student studying political science and I was his academic advisor. He had already demonstrated talents in scholarship, service, and leadership and I recommended that he be a National Fellow for the Center for the Study of the Presidency in Washington, DC, and New York City. He pursued the opportunity vigorously and enjoyed tremendous success.

Andy is committed to serving the needs of the citizenry of Arizona and the United States and his vita testifies to his exceptional service to the community, extraordinary scholarship, and brilliant leadership.

Cheryl Herrera
Director of Student Services
Arizona State University College of Nursing & Health Innovation

As the National Director of the Congressional Award Foundation, I have come to know Andrew Ortiz to be a dedicated, passionate, and strong leader who has assisted in numerous initiatives and projects to further the importance of public service in communities across the country.

Appointed by the Congressional Leadership of the United States, Mr. Ortiz serves as a Member of the Board of Directors, responsible for overseeing Congress’ only program for America’s youth. The Congressional Award was enacted in 1979 by Congress to promote and recognize achievement, initiative, and service in young Americans ages 14 through 24.

While serving on the Board, Mr. Ortiz has worked to expand the Congressional Award program throughout Arizona and represented the Foundation at state, local, and national events — including serving as a key speaker at our annual congressional dinner in Washington, DC, with members of Congress and civic and corporate leaders.

Not only does Mr. Ortiz serve on our Board, but also earned the Congressional Award Gold Medal in 1993. His many accomplishments truly exemplify the meaning of service.

Erica Wheelan Heyse
National Director
The Congressional Award

Rarely in life do we run across an individual who can impact your life within moments. Andy is such a man. His inspirational insights have transformed the way I look at myself and those around me. I recommend him highly.

Greg S. Reid
Author, Speaker, & Filmmaker
CEO, The Millionaire Mentor, Inc.

Let me say that I was very impressed with the presentation that you provided. I am sure that the audience will benefit greatly from your words of wisdom.

Francisco Figueroa
Continental Airlines

Your website is fabulous! I am honored to have met you at the IAHMP 14th Annual Conference in Denver. I truly enjoyed your presentation. You brought me home knowing that a special clap is alive and that we are also great presenters. Our experiences and presence throughout the world needs to be heard and passed on to everyone.

Planting Seeds…working the field, ganas, dedication, attitude, and love sure helps.

Elida Chavez, CDMP
Western Region International Association
of Hispanic Meeting Professionals

I’ve worked with Andy Ortiz through the Congressional Award and found him to be an inspirational speaker who provides focused, practical solutions for his clients. His ability to get to the core issues and assist in providing workable solutions makes him a great asset. I’d be delighted to work with Andy again in the future.

Kylie Hunter

Andrew’s leadership has inspired hundreds of professionals, students, and activists in Arizona. As a trainer and coach in the Center for Progressive Leadership, I have seen the impact of Andrew’s skill on the impressive growth and development of the program fellows.

Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona State Representative

A good speaker can be critical to setting the tone of an event for a convention audience, and Andrew Ortiz has established himself as a leader in the training/speaking community here in the southwest. I met Andrew during several events over the years connected with Arizona State University and recently worked with him at an event for the Hispanic Meeting Professionals group. His talk was very well received as he motivated the attendees and put in perspective their growth in the business world as they attempt to make their mark. Cheers and a standing ovation were kudos to the enthusiasm he built in that audience. I strongly endorse Andrew to bring a fresh perspective to any corporate group that needs a jump start.

Michael Stawiarski
President 2009-2010, Arizona Sunbelt Chapter
Meeting Professionals International

Andy is a passionate and dedicated leader who continually strives to improve not only himself but those around him. It has been a privilege for me to cross paths with him through the years and seeing firsthand how he continues to motivate others to be the best leaders that they can be, first as a student leader at Arizona State University and now as a dynamic speaker and professional. I am pleased to recommend without reservation Andy for your business or organization!

Tony Alvarado

Andy helped me gain clarity about my career path during a time when I felt like I was groping my way through a dense fog. He facilitated my insight into my goals and strengths by helping me face my weaknesses. Learning to work within my personal boundaries gave me a focus I didn’t have before, which helps me conserve much needed time and energy for what I really care about.

Jacqueline Freeman

Andy is not only a strong leader himself but is able to teach other people to be stronger leaders. Andy has helped me to become a stronger leader and has taught be some techniques that I can use to communicate better and to lead people.

Andy is a very good listener which allows him to learn where people need instruction and guidance. In the Center for Progressive Leadership Fellowship I have seen Andy teach and instruct and I know he has helped people to become better leaders. Anyone interested in becoming a stronger leader should at least meet and talk to Andy.

Alex Benikov

I attended one of Andrew’s seminars for the Iowa Jaycees in October 2009. It was one of the better leadership seminars that I had attended in some time. Andrew knows how to put things in the proper perspective and made me think about the way that I do things in my daily routine, especially knowing difference between management and leadership. It made me realize that managers are a dime a dozen, but truly inspiring leaders are a bit more rare. It made me strive to be a much better leader. He also had a great way of putting into perspective the difference between being involved and being committed. I love how Andrew broke down different concepts with great analogies. The training was a great eye opener for me in many ways and I feel it will make me a better teacher, coach, and Jaycee.”

John Parsons
Past Chapter President
Clive, IA, Jaycees

Andy Ortiz is a wonderful motivational speaker. His presentation “Stoking the Fire: 7 Keys to Successful Leadership” will help our members to succeed in their careers in the meetings industry. Best of all, his dialogue with attendees helps people to reconnect with who they are and the unique gift each one of them brings to their workplace.

We highly recommend Andy Ortiz to any organization who wants a dynamic speaker who is prepared professionally to speak to the needs of your organization.

Thank you Andy for a job well done!

Margaret Gonzalez
International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals

Thank you again for the workshop that you did at NACAC last weekend. I feel that the information you provided — and the discussion that followed — will be very helpful to me. Again, many thanks for your participation in our Leadership Development Institute.

Lisa Sohmer
Director, NACAC Board of Directors
Director of College Counseling, Garden School, Jackson Heights, NY

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) Mid-year Institute. I am very impressed with your work and website.

Ken Lampar

Thanks for spending a couple of days with us and for challenging us to think more “diversely.”

John Boshoven

Thank you again for the best presentation of the conference!

Susan Preston
Purchasing Department

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, Phoenix, Arizona

I enjoyed your opening speech at the National Institute for Government Purchasers (NIGP) conference in Mesa.

Thank you.

Lila McCleery
Contract Management Specialist, Purchasing Department
Phoenix Union High School District, Phoenix, Arizona

I want to thank you for the amazing job that you have done. Please know that the work you have done will have long-reaching effects on improving the quality of services offered to Arizona’s vulnerable populations.

On behalf of the United Way, its partners, and all those you have served, thank you for your generous giving of time, commitment, and effort. Your time and talents are the most valuable of things and we greatly appreciate them. No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. You have inspired those you have worked with to set a concrete plan for the future and to believe that they can achieve their vision.

Sharon Gartner, M.A., M.B.A.
Director, Supporting Seniors
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Andrew was a great inspiration to the leaders of Arizona STO Association. His presentation on “Stoking the Fire: 7 Keys to Successful Leadership” was spot-on for battle-weary leaders. It was a shot in the arm and boost to the soul. Andrew came fully prepared to help leaders of today meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our group benefited by the straightforward and thorough presentation of the needs of today’s leaders. His PowerPoint presentation, his handouts, and his appropriate illustrations were all useful in helping us refill our tanks and keep charged up as we move on with our organizations.

I would highly recommend Andrew Ortiz to any organization who wants someone experienced in business. He is prepared professionally to speak to the needs of your business.

Thank you, Andrew, for a job well done! It is a pleasure to know you both professionally and also as a friend.

Harry V. Miller
Executive Director
TOPS for Kids, Mesa, Arizona

Andrew, I just wanted to take a moment to express the great enjoyment your speech gave me Tuesday morning. It took me back to my college days at UCLA where things didn’t seem so black and white and speaking out regarding the injustices of immigration, politics, and life in general wasn’t frowned upon. From one Latino to another, congratulations on your accomplishments.

Haydee Nora
Purchasing Agent
Town of Buckeye, Arizona

I first met Andrew Ortiz in March of 2001, when I was the Interim Executive Director of on the Arizona Society of Association Executives and he was the Executive Director of the Arizona Community Action Association. From the first phone call I was impressed with his clarity of purpose. Then I had a chance to work with both he and his wife Deborah on personal and professional levels. I realized the depth of this young man who had such a brilliant and expansive background. I expected much from him, and he has not failed me. Watch out world! Here is a man who is committed to making a difference at home, in his state, and country — a professional who maintains a healthy balance between his work and family life while working for so many causes. We need role models and both Andrew and Deborah are just that…I’m proud to call them friends and mentors.

Princeline Roxbury
Former Executive Director
Arizona Society of Association Executives (AZSAE)

Andy, thank you so much for moderating the town hall in Ahwatukee last night. You did an excellent job in keeping everyone focused, and you kept the tone pleasant and professional at all times. Your efforts were certainly instrumental in making it a very successful event.

Pat Lawlis
Protecting Arizona’s Resources & Children (PARC)

Thank you for your commitment to community service. Through your generosity and hard work, you have shown that the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor is alive and well in our country. Your efforts profoundly influence the life of your community and they are a shining example for us all. Barbara joins me in saluting you and sending you our best wishes. God bless you.

George Herbert Walker Bush
41st President of the United States

Andy is truly committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector and the Hispanic community.

Jacquelyn Ahrenberg
Development Director
Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Just one look at Andrew’s bio, testimonials, and client lists will show his depth of work and involvement in his communities. He and his wife Deborah are both servants, each touching many lives in many ways. I’ve seen Andrew at work in speaking to and advising student leaders and in developing the content for his company’s website, and am honored to work with him.

Vincent Alex Brown
Founder & President
Brown Bag Interactive, LLC

Andy is a very impressive young man who has shown extraordinary leadership ability in Arizona, and particularly within the nonprofit sector and the Hispanic community.

Deborah Whitehurst
Chief Operating Officer
Arizona Community Foundation

The numerous distinctions and awards that Andy has received have shown his willingness to get involved and certainly to make a difference. His accomplishments and dedication to his community are a testament to his character.

Eric Gudino
Senior Assistant to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon

I have served on the Arizona Society of Association Executives (AZSAE) Board of Directors for several years with Andrew and have gotten to know him on both a personal and professional level. The contributions that he has made to the Arizona Society of Association Executives, Arizona State University, and to the individuals, organizations, and communities he has served have been intensive, extensive, and impressive.”

William G. Trottier
Executive Director
Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona

Mr. Ortiz, an Arizona native, is a highly distinguished professional in the Phoenix valley, and a recognized leader in the Latino community. His accomplishments are very impressive, particularly for a person so young, and will better the community for years to come.

Belen K. Gonzalez, M.S.W.
Grants Manager
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Andrew is a great role model. He is dedicated, very proactive, a consummate professional, and he exhibits the high degree of caring that motivates him to devote time and effort to volunteerism. In short, he believes in giving back to the community and does!

Susan Sarfati, CAE
President & CEO
The Center for Association Leadership

Andrew has received numerous honors and awards for leadership, citizenship, community service, and volunteerism from presidents, community leaders, and even foreign royalty. He is dedicated to building partnerships to serve the needs of Arizona’s and America’s citizenry. He has been a champion in the arenas of law, personal leadership, nonprofit management, education, health and human services, and youth development.

David A. Gonzales, CPCU
Senior Vice President
State Farm Insurance – Great Western Zone Office

I have been extremely impressed with Andrew and amazed at how much he has already accomplished. I have worked with volunteers for over 30 years but I have never met anyone who has volunteered as much as Andrew. He goes above and beyond in everything he does. He has served on more boards and commissions than anyone I have ever known.

Linda Searfoss
Archer, Searfoss and Associates

Andy has very extensive knowledge of programs, resources, and people in the nonprofit sector. He can help agencies bridge gaps and fill holes in their networking.

Renea Gentry, MC, CFRE
Executive Director
Interfaith Cooperative Ministries, Phoenix, AZ

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Ortiz at the Center for Progressive Leadership Fellowship. As a fellow you need guidance and support, Andrew was just that. He is incredibly supportive and is an exceptional guide. He has the ability to customize specific leadership plans for both individuals and large groups. His assistance is incomparable and I look forward to working with him again.

Angelica Delgadillo
Center for Progressive Leadership Fellow Class 2007-2008

Andy, you’ve become my role model with your amazing organizational ability and your personal energy!

Manuel Cisneros
Arizona Office of Equal Opportunity

I wanted to thank you, again, for your presentation at the Pathways to Success Program’s College Parent Academy. I enjoyed learning about your incredible story related to your educational journey. You are an inspiration to us all and I wanted to extend my gratitude for sharing your story, advice, and guidance to Carl Hayden parents.

Brenda Serna
Senior Family Resource Specialist, Pathways To Success
Golden Gate Community Center

I enjoyed your presentation and found it very informative.

Terry McPeters
Executive Director
HealthCare Connect

Thank you for your very inspiring presentation to our Rotary Club.

Al J. Chaves
Financial Consultant
A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

Your presentation was excellent and your vision falls right in line with what we are working towards as a club.

Michael J. Long
Branch Manager
Adecco Premier – Scottsdale

On behalf of the Phoenix El Puente Rotary Club, I would like to thank you for speaking at our meeting last night. Your presentation was outstanding, and we were impressed with your background, particularly your community involvement.

Maria Brandenburg
COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services

Andy is an outstanding speaker who actively engages his audience. He is one of the most professional and engaging speakers I have listened to.

Fred Amador
President & CEO
Peak Performance Coaching

Andy Ortiz’s presentation on Nonprofit Leadership Management was both comprehensive and insightful. The full presentation instructed our Board of Directors on successful organizational structure and focused on procedures that the best nonprofits use to their success. This presentation is for any nonprofit — new or old, big or small. It can teach newer nonprofits to focus on how their current structure prepares them for expansion and encourages older, mature nonprofits such as ours to be self-critical so not to become complacent in success. This is a fantastic program and highly recommended.

Paula West
Executive Director
Phoenix Sister Cities Commission

Thank you for the in-service on board governance. The Board truly benefited from the training and I know it provided a solid basis for all Board members to get on the same page and work to move our agency forward together.

Brian Helander, RN, MHSA
Executive Director
Body Positive, Inc.

” found you very well informed and articulate. I stated that I have the attention span of a gnat and you kept me riveted.

Karen Justice
President & CEO

Justice Financial Advising, Inc.

I am sure you have heard this one million times, but it was truly inspiring to hear you speak. Your message really resonated with me. I think often as we focus on our personal paths we lose focus on the obligations we have to others. I feel so blessed by what I have received from the relationships in my life, and when I left yesterday I really started thinking about what I am and am not giving back. Thank you for reminding me.

Jessica Gomez
President & CEO
OpenDoor Events, Inc.

Thank you once again for taking the time to serve as a member of the Guest Leader Forum last night at the LeaderShape Institute. You did an outstanding job. You will have a long-lasting impact on the young people who had the opportunity to attend the session.

Paul Pyrz
President & CEO

LeaderShape Institute

The students were still talking about your presentation on Saturday and what it meant to them. Best wishes for your continued success and thank you for giving of your time to make our session a success!

Dave Kelly
Professional Speaker, Humorist, & Trainer

You were a great speaker.

Mary Moriarty
Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation

Very nice presentation at the ONE luncheon last week! I am hoping that you might be available to present to our Social Venture Partners Investees and Lead Partners. We are gathering our nonprofit partners on a monthly basis and providing useful presentations — you would be perfect.

Terri Wogan
Executive Director
Social Venture Partners Arizona

Your continuous efforts in volunteer work, as well as you passion for Latino issues represent an ongoing commitment to social embeddedness that we hope to instill in our students, and further, set an important example for your peers at large…We are truly proud to count you among our most distinguished alumni.

Dr. Michael Crow
Arizona State University

Thank you for your presentation. Your shared knowledge and time are greatly appreciated. Your contributions are planted seeds in the minds of emerging leaders and future professionals.

Arizona State University
Emerging Leaders Program

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak at Dobson High School’s Community Leadership & Education (CLEW) workshop this past Saturday. I realize that you are very busy and I very much appreciate the time you gave to our seminar. The students very much enjoyed it and they actually commented that they wanted more time to ask you questions. So, thank you again for your time and generosity.

Jessica Sims
CLEW Coordinator
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership – Arizona

I just wanted to say thanks again for your presentation at our board retreat. I was very impressed and I learned a great deal.

Misty Cisneros
Phoenix Sister Cities Commission

Thank you so much for your contributions during last weekend’s training. I am really excited to have you on faculty this year and looking forward to working with you on future trainings.

Caroline Allen
Program Director
Center for Progressive Leadership – Arizona

I certainly enjoyed your presentation at last week’s conference and having the opportunity of meeting you personally. Please be assured that you will be considered closely the next time we are thinking about having

an outside speaker, consultant, workshop, etc. May the Lord bless you and your ministry!

Stephen G. Scholle
Sr. Vice President of Administration and General Counsel
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you for speaking at my ASU Public Leadership class this past semester. Your personal insights to leadership were both informative and engaging to the class. I received a number of positive comments after your presentation from class members who related well to your ability to weave valuable leadership information into your life story.

Ira M. Rubins, Ph.D., CAE
Executive Director
Arizona Parks & Recreation Association Inc.

Andrew Ortiz is one of the sharpest consultants I’ve ever worked with and I can’t say enough about his strong leadership abilities and experiences.

Steve Wymer
Tarant & Wymer

It has been a pure pleasure working with you over the past few years. I have always enjoyed your charismatic leadership style.

Ali Kamen
Former Coordinator
Coalition for a Tobacco Free Arizona

Thank you for speaking to our club. I found your address more than anything else, provocative. You had more than a disinterested view of leadership…well-reasoned and passionate with clear steps in nurturing a leadership culture. As you stated, one has to assume some risk to lead. We need more risk-takers that will eventually work themselves into leadership roles.”

Christopher Rosner
Tempe Kiwanis Club and O’Grady Mortgage

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for your presentations at our recent 2007 Foundation and Nonprofit Performance Conference. The Council on Nonprofit Innovation greatly appreciates your participation. The information you provided was very well-received by the delegates and was of great value.

Your presentations were both timely and relevant. Your expertise, along with your commitment, made you a great representative for the event. We are so grateful for your efforts and wanted to recognize you for that as well as to commend you for your professional and excellent presentations.

Ian Faigley
Executive Director
Council for Nonprofit Innovation

I was so impressed with your work.

John M. Bridgeland
Former Assistant to the President and Former Director
USA Freedom Corps

It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend at the ASGA regional conference in Dallas. Your leadership presentation was amazing and provided a nice boost of inspiration.

Eric Fortenberry
OrgSync, Inc.

We had a good time and did a fine job at the conference. You got some good evaluations.

W.H. “Butch” Oxendine, Jr.
Executive Director
American Student Government Association

Good information about how to gain support for how to be effective in advocacy.

Lisa Watt, Senator
Ivy Tech Community College

I got lots of information on how to improve our representation of our students.

Marina Serna
Editor-in-Chief, CHC newspaper The Advisor
Crafton Hills College

Andy’s “Stoke the Fire of Passionate Leadership” was just the re-energizer I needed!

Jan Moline
Student Activities Coordinator
Cerro Coso Community College

“Stoke the Fire” was entertaining. Andy got the people in the room involved and promoted new ideas.

Emerson Terry
Diversity Chair
Crafton Hills College

Thank you for your participation as a team consultant for the 2007 Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) Program sponsored by St. Luke’s Health Initiatives. Your expertise for working with these deserving agencies was appreciated.

Stephanie Gallegos
Program Associate
St. Luke’s Health Initiatives

I got so very much out of the (Board Leadership) classes that I attended and the material you shared that I am miles ahead of where I was when we began. It might please you to know that, not only have I begun to work on developing my board here, but that I have gained so much insight from the work we did with you, that I have also been able to further clarify both the mission of the Girls’ Education Project and my role within it, in ways that are reassuring and which promise to be immensely satisfying for me.

have also been able to use the expertise you shared to help me better organize the board of the organization with which I work in the Caribbean. Thank you very, very much, Andrew.

Shirley Osborne
President & CEO
Girls’ Education Project

I look forward to the new year and do hope we have the opportunity to work together. You do a super job.

Chris McCarty
Former President & Chief Executive Officer
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

Your commitment to making the City of Phoenix a better place is evidenced through your dedication to human and civil rights that has touched many in our community. Your work is truly valuable and highly appreciated by the City of Phoenix and your community.

The Honorable Phil Gordon
Phoenix, Arizona

Your credentials are impressive.

Diann Jeppson
American Youth Leadership Institute

Andrew Ortiz is simply one of the most dynamic and knowledgeablepresenters in the nation when it comes to student government and studentleadership. I’ve known him since his days as student government president at Arizona State University, and we have continued to work together ever since. Andy was one of the featured speakers at ASGA’s first-ever conference in Philadelphia and continues to contribute to several of our conferences. He gets great reviews! Andy is a committed leader who lives what he “preaches.” I admire him a great deal.

W.H. “Butch” Oxendine, Jr.
Executive Director
American Student Government Association

Impressive credentials.

Timothy J. Schmaltz
Center for Spirituality and Ministry in the Marketplace

I wanted to thank you for including me in the TAP workshop on Board Development. I found the sessions enjoyable and helpful plus my Board made use of Andrew’s expertise by having him help us formulate a Strategic Plan. This was something we had been trying to do for several months and Andy was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us create our plan. Thank you for your help!

Liz Zveglich
Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation and Guild

Thanks again for being our speaker for the Canon Leadership program! I enjoyed your presentation.

Daniel Ashlock
Director Office of Student Engagement, Arizona State University
Coordinator, Canon Leadership Program

Comments from Ortiz presentation attendees…

“Great passion and knowledge of the subject.”

“Very well presented.”

“He gave me ideas of how to connect things.”

“Andy knew his stuff and demonstrated great communication skills.”

“Andy gave me understanding of how nonprofits work.”

“Andy gave us different ways to look at issues.”

“Lots of good information and ideas.”

“Andy was very confident and filled with knowledge.”

“Andy gave us ideas to improve our board.”

“Have heard these topics several times before, but the presenter did an excellent job of presenting with a new spin.”

“Very good!!!”

“Excellent speaker, and good attempts to involve participants.”

“Good, strong projection of voice. Knowledgeable and informative…offered many resources.”

“Andrew is very knowledgeable and, therefore, needs to become an Associate Member of the Bisbee (AZ) Chamber of Commerce.”

“Great speaker.”

“Good, professional presenter.”

“Great presentation skills.”

“Presenter knew what he was teaching.”

“Very knowledgeable, effective, prepared presentation.”

“You are truly an inspiration.”

“Excellent! Very dynamic speaker. Good material.”

“Important to have such a great overview of the current nonprofit climate and the importance of collaboration and partnership.”

“Very helpful!”

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“Very Valuable!”

“Good ideas — I would have enjoyed more time with Andy.”

“He shared common sense ideas and programs from other schools that work well. He gave us inspiration.”

“I enjoyed it!”

“I enjoyed the many examples and ideas. Andy provided great feedback to the audience involvement.”

“This workshop could not be improved…It was great!”

“Information was brought in abundance.”

“Incredible amount of useful information.”

“Mr. Ortiz was great! Great ideas were given.”

“The PowerPoint was great! I requested a copy of the PowerPoint.”

“Andy did an excellent job in compiling relevant information.”

“Andy was excellent at passing along quality information.”

“Andrew Ortiz is a good facilitator.”

“Andy Ortiz’ presentation, ‘Stoke The Fire of Passionate Leadership’ gave me inspiration and new ideas.”

“I loved Andy’s leadership presentation. The use of historical quotes and figures was effective in getting important points across.”


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