You do make a difference…in the best of ways.

Zetta Satterwhite Browning Assistant Pastor SonRise Faith Community Center

I have known Andy for many years. I worked with him when I was much younger. He’s always been an outstanding person with great morals. I had a feeling that Andy would be successful. I asked him one day what he wanted to do when he was older. He said get into politics. I said you can’t be a politician because you’re too honest. I’ll always remember his answer…”We can use more honest ones.” I feel better knowing there are people like Andy out there.

Al Keeme, Jr.

I have had the good fortune of knowing Andy since our high school days. He is an articulate and dynamic speaker. He conveys a positive outlook in his presentations, as well as all of his communications with others. This positive approach is contagious and leaves the audience with a sense of limitless possibility.

Keith Olbricht, Esq.

Andy, you are a great leader and provide great strategies for leadership in the community for progressive leaders in Arizona.

Allie Russell Fellow Center for Progressive Leadership – Arizona Program

Andy is a very hard-working individual. He puts 100% into achieving his targets and has a keen interest to develop himself and others professionally and personally.

Franziska Ruehl Project Manager – Academic Relations Germany ETS Global – Berlin, Germany

I have known Andy for some time now. I have found him to be a positive, captivating speaker, a warm person, honest, and a man of integrity. He leads by example and with a kindness and encouragement which inspires others to follow his lead. He is down-to-earth and “real.” I feel he has the qualities that are so important in being a leader and a speaker. His soft-spoken yet strong ways in which he presents the topics make it easy to listen and grasp whatever topic he is speaking on. It is obvious he is very passionate about what he does which makes him exceptional in leadership, speaking, and in the business world.

Debbie Morano

Andy Ortiz is a brilliant speaker and motivator. His integrity reflects his great leadership and would be an incredible asset to any company.

Shelley Werk Freelance Writer – Las Vegas, Nevada

Andy is a successful businessman and is recognized as a dynamic speaker and a much sought-after trainer, coach and consultant by companies, organizations, governments and academic institutions worldwide. I recommend him to all, as he is an amazing leader.
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Hugh O’Brian

Andy is one of the most impeccable leaders and speakers I know. He is passionate and caring about every aspect of his presentations. It has been a pleasure to know Andy and interact in his presentations.
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Dortha HisePretty Smart Virtual Services

He is open to all perspectives, lifestyles and opinions. You have a fun time learning in a no pressure and non-boring environment. He puts a lot of effort to make the course relate to a real world perspective so that you can apply your learning immediately in your job or your life.
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David Lucero