About Us

Our Mission Statement

Ortiz Leadership Systems is in the business of providing quality management consulting and leadership trainings to schools, associations, companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies across the United States and around the world, through educational workshops and entertaining speaking engagements.

Andy Ortiz teaching on leadershipOrtiz Leadership Systems, LLC, a leadership consulting and public speaking company based in Tempe, Arizona, was founded by Andrew Ortiz, JD, MPA. Ortiz, an internationally-recognized leader and scholar, has spoken across the United States and internationally on various topics related to success, motivation, and personal and organizational development. Andrew Ortiz is available to present single or multiple-day workshops on leadership, team-building, diversity, effective communications, and many other topics for your company, club, school, association or organization. Andrew Ortiz is also a popular lecture circuit and keynote speaker.

Let Ortiz Leadership Systems, LLC, help your organization today. To discuss a potential consulting project or to schedule a speaking engagement, please call 480-688-9292, or feel free to send an email to Andrew Ortiz at: andrewortiz@ortizleadership.com.


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